Digital Due Diligence

The world's largest Private Equity & Venture Capital firms leverage MarketingFox for Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence & PortCo Optimization. Our data driven insights are agnostic to industry and are applied across both B2C & B2B investments.

According to eMarketer, digital advertising spend will increase 56% globally within the next 5 years. Adopting a forward looking approach that identifies the core drivers to growth is the key for winning in a constantly evolving market.

Disruptive Data

Analyze hundreds of data points relating to the technology, online channel performance and people to help you identify opportunities that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Playbook to Growth

Gain insights into how competitors are distributing investments. With our benchmark you'll know exactly what specific digital channels are leveraged to drive growth along with the technical and functional infrastructure supporting the operations.



Evaluate Performance / Cost

Streamline due diligence across targets or optimize a company in your portfolio by analyzing the health and potential for growth, all in a single place. The overall cost-to-benefit analysis has never been easier.

> Competitor Vs. Internal Road-map
> Reduce Learning Curve
> Accelerate Time to Market
> Understand Cost / Effort to Disrupt Existing Operators

Trusted Adviser

Since 2014, we have supported a broad range of Venture Capital / Private Equity-backed clients with a combined funding of $2 billion and successful exits totaling $10 Billion.

Our industry expertise includes B2C & B2B clients across a range of industries. 
Our engagement are focused on partnering on long-term growth. Most of our clients work with us for an average of 26 months, which is relationship that is founded on delivering results and continuous optimization through industry leading best practices. 

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