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Email Marketing

Our team includes experts in email marketing with backgrounds supporting the largest ESP (Email Service Providers) globally. These includes platforms that deliver billions of emails on a monthly.

Understand local and international regulations (CAN-SPAM & GDPR) to maintain compliance and mitigate risk. With an ever changing landscape, it's important to partner with the right agency.


As an email marketing agency with experienced professionals, we help businesses to create ROI-driven email programs that would catapult the business growth. We are an email marketing firm that would take charge of all your email related woes and facilitate you to focus on executing your business strategy, thus bringing you closer to your company goals.

  • Strategy - Having the right strategy is the most important aspect of effective email marketing. Your strategy should be such that it empowers your brand by following the marketing triad of sending the right email to the right person at the right time. From a full-scale lifecycle program strategy to filling the holes in your current email marketing program, Inbox Group can help you formulate and execute a wining email marketing strategy.

  • Deployment - The next step is deployment. Let Inbox Group manage your email campaign deployment process from template and campaign creation to segmentation, setup, and message deployment. Experts at Inbox Group also take care of your post-deployment concerns such as monitoring the email metrics and making the necessary amendments based on the results.

  • Creative - Are you struggling to keep up with the trends emerging in the world of email marketing and design? Trust our professionals to maximize your brand with responsive and custom designed and coded email marketing templates that reflect your brand and allow you to execute email marketing more efficiently. Focus on your business and leave all the worries about testing and rendering on us. We shall take care of it all!

  • Audit - The first step to an impactful email strategy is AUDIT. Your email list, copy of your email campaigns and the design layouts will be thoroughly checked for any loopholes… and you will get the skinny on the good, the bad and the ugly with an Inbox Group audit. If you are looking for actionable advice on how to improve your email marketing program, audit is the answer for you.

  • Intergation - Connect your acronyms – integrate your email marketing program platform with other mission-critical applications and have all your data speaking the same language. If you have any third-party or custom apps, we will connect them all with your ESP.


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Develop email programs that are delivered in multiple languages while maintaining compliance with local and international regulations


Creating an Email Program that includes nurturing based on specific behavioral and inferred data points to drive high engagement
(Social Media Analytics)

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