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GDPR - Right to Erasure

Updated: Nov 10, 2018


How often have you discovered mistaken or old data about you on the web? Otherwise called the "right to be overlooked," this article is one of the all the more fascinating, dynamic measures in the whole control. Between our different social profiles, email locations, and applications we use, there's a boatload of our own information whirling, yet a lot of it isn't right.

Ideal to deletion gives shoppers the privilege to have this data evacuated whenever. In what manner would marketers be able to ensure they're prepared to comply with such demands? Create forms that effortlessly empower clients to get to their information and expel content however they see fit.

At MarketingFox, we support global clients in building sustainable multi-channel customer acquisition programs designed to out-perform the market. Since 2009, we've supported Venture Capital /Private Equity backed portfolio clients with a combined funding of US$ 1.5B and successful exits totaling +US$7B. Industry expertise includes SaaS providers in the Finance, Retail/eComm, Publishing and Hospitality sectors.

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