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Marketo - Lead Conversion Rate


In order to determine conversion rate, one will first need to define a conversion (let's say it's a sale, opportunity, or event a demo). This will allow you to calculate conversion rates.

The calculation of conversion rates are as follows (Opportunity is the example): Total Number of Demos / Number of Leads generated x 100

Let us assume that you have 100 leads generated in your website and 3 of them turn into an opportunity. Your conversion rate would be 3%. At MarketingFox, we support global clients in building sustainable multi-channel customer acquisition programs designed to out-perform the market. Since 2009, we've supported Venture Capital /Private Equity backed portfolio clients with a combined funding of US$ 1.5B and successful exits totaling +US$7B. Industry expertise includes SaaS providers in the Finance, Retail/eComm, Publishing and Hospitality sectors.

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