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SEO - 301


Redirection occurs when you visit one specific web page and are immediately redirected to a different url while maintaining the same url. There are 2 types of redirection: temporary and permanent. From a client's point of view there's no distinction between them, yet there is one from a web crawler's viewpoint. 301 divert is a lasting redirection. It advises web search tools that the page they're endeavoring to get to has changed its location for all time. This implies whatever rankings the page as of now has ought to be exchanged to the new location (this doesn't occur with a transitory redirection).

At MarketingFox, we support global clients in building sustainable multi-channel customer acquisition programs designed to out-perform the market. Since 2009, we've supported Venture Capital /Private Equity backed portfolio clients with a combined funding of US$ 1.5B and successful exits totaling +US$7B. Industry expertise includes SaaS providers in the Finance, Retail/eComm, Publishing and Hospitality sectors.

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