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Social Media

Our team includes experts in social media with backgrounds supporting the largest social media platforms. These include analytics platforms that store billions social media profiles on consumers globally.

Understand how to optimize targeting and reach the apex of your Ad spend with deeper insights into how to leverage each platform for better results. With an ever changing landscape, it's important to partner with the right agency.

The secret to success with social media marketing is to speak with your followers, not at them. As such, before we make any posts or create any content, we perform extensive research on whom your followers are and what they are interested. Then, we create a detailed online personality that allows us to speak to the lifestyle of your customers.

In doing this, we can effectively earn their trust and build their loyalty through your social media strategy. They will want to come back to your page to interact with you, even when you don’t have a special promotion going on. With our unique approach to social media marketing, you will build meaningful connections with your followers and catapult your other digital marketing efforts in the process.

Our approach to social media marketing is so much more than making posts on your business page. We capitalize on the power of social media to help spread brand awareness using our proven strategies. With us handling your social media marketing, you will finally see what the fuss is all about.


When we add social media marketing to your digital marketing campaign, we don’t just jump in and start making posts on your behalf. First, we do our due diligence, and use our findings to dictate all actions going forward. Our research process is complex, and varies based upon your current social media presence and industry, but in general, our team will:

  • Examine your current social media presence and online personality

  • Review the activity of your competitors

  • Understand your goals with social media and inform you of what organic social media marketing can accomplish

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your target customer and their lifestyle

  • Determine your budget and set a weekly organic content schedule

  • Evaluate the benefits of incorporating paid social ads into your digital marketing campaign

  • Pinpoint who in your company is our point-person

Ongoing Support

Once we have a strategy in place, we will get to work as indicated. Then, we will let data take the lead. As part of your ongoing social media marketing campaign, we will:

  • Coordinate blog content with the SEO team and use it for social posts

  • Create a monthly content calendar for an easy view of what we have planned

  • Provide you with access to approve all social posts

  • Touch base regularly to discuss overall successes and goals and to gain insight into upcoming events

  • Initiate business partnerships to help your social media presence flourish

  • Develop monthly analytics reporting so you can see how social media is making a difference

  • Keep an open dialogue to make sure your goals are being met and your expectations are being exceeded



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Top 3
Content Generator for 2022



Develop an in-depth analysis of their campaign structure around Paid Media with a heavy emphasis on Social Media, and identified a best of breed MTA solution to improve Social ROI.
(Retail - B2C)


Delivered a 332% ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) by creating an social media program designed engaged their core TAM (Total Addressable Market).
(Retail - B2B)

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